Yellow Flower

September 17, 2010

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To my readers, a flower, and a wish for a wonderful weekend:

“Small as a dandelion, prettier than gold

Yellow flower you cause me to smile.

What’s your name?

No matter. Here in a photo, your image I share,

To those who love pretty yellow flowers . . .

Prettier than gold.”

Copyright © 2010 Dianne Marie Andre


  1. Dianne, Hope you have a wonderful weekend also. Resting in your garden with your plants and flowers on a comfy seat, enjoying our cooler fall-type weather with your favorite drink in your hand!!

    We got some COMFORTABLE recliners on sale from Cabelas this year. One for my husband and one for myself. They are SO comfortable and draw me outside to lounge with a cold drink. From their vantage point I have a nice view of my back garden and enjoy the flowers and the trees. Like heaven!!!!!


  2. thank you for the sunshine :) the petals look dahlia-ish to me, pretty.


  3. In watering the cactus/succulent garden today, I found three new sprouts on a ‘slip’ I got at last month’s cactus meeting. One leaf, however, didn’t grow in the potting soil, so I am going to try to sprout it in water in the house. Don’t know if it will work or not, but as I said before “trial & error”. I’ll keep you posted. p.s. I was delighted with the three little sprouts on the slip.


  4. I talked to some people today who have some cactus and they told me how to eradicate mealy bugs on cactus. Solution – pour rubbing alcohol over the bugs and it eliminates them. If I get mealy bugs, i’ll try it.


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