2010 Fall Reader’s Contest

October 16, 2010

It seems I created a flawed “2010 Fall Reader’s Contest,” posted October 14. My tired brain can’t think to amend it, so I’ve decided to go back to the old game and rules. The prize is still the same, a Michaels $10 gift card.


Here’s the rules and game plan: 

  1. You must be a subscriber to play. It’s FREE!
  2. Simply post a comment. No restrictions on length. The person with the most comments, starting today through October 31 midnight, is the winner.
  4. The winner will be notified by email. The winner’s first name and last initial will be announced on inandaroundthegarden.net.


Note:  Inandaroundthegarden.net and/or the author have the right to remove comment(s) unsuitable and/or to exclude them in the above contest. Inandaroundthegarden.net and/or the author also have the right to decide what is unsuitable. By playing the “2010 Reader’s Fall Contest” you agree to these terms.  

Best of luck!  



  1. Since it is a woman’s perogitive to change her mind, OK. While it lasted the other one was fun.


  2. We cleaned the gutters today in preparation for the winter rains. After 10 years of self-cleaning gutters around my house, I’m getting better. It only took 2 hours, and surprisingly enough my legs and back don’t hurt too much tonight.

    Maybe planting some new cactus we got today at Walmart. bernadine


  3. My husband and I went to Lowe’s today and we bought some snapdragons and pansies to put in my four large urns in our front garden. I just loved the cloud cover today. It was pleasant to work on a cooler day. Got all four planted and look forward to the colorful blooms to brighten up fall and winter.

    I also got three Japanese Boxwoods to replace some that died in my hedges. I used my gift card Dianne to buy these. Thank you. My husband will be planting those. He has to dig the dead ones out first.


  4. The rains came! I just love rain, and unlike most, I also like wind. Those are my 2 favorite elements. I was going to water the palms/ferns today, but the rain took care of that for me.

    I checked on my cactus/succulents and they are also getting a nice sprinkling. I still have to plant the new cactus we got yesterday.

    So glad I cleaned the rain gutters yesterday. All the debris & pine needles would have been lots more messy to deal with drenched. Glad that is over and done with now.

    Going to sit and enjoy the rest of the day on this nice rainy day! Crockpot stew for dinner – the perfect meal.


  5. I like the rain too, in moderation. I lived in Rio Vista quite a number of years ago and when I go back I remember what I didn’t like about it – the wind.

    I didn’t get the pansies planted in the back yard and now the ground will have to dry out a bit before I can plant them. I really missed being outside after it started pouring and I had come inside.

    I mainly sat this afternoon after I had put together ingredients for a soup and put them in the Crockpot. The soup is mainly to give to a friend with a little left over for us. We will have it tomorrow. Tonight we were having leftovers – a very tasty sausage stew. It was nice and comforting on a cool evening.


  6. Any of you who have an apple tree in the garden, I don’t but had some apples that had been sitting around for awhile, so I improvised (something I do quite often, even with today’s crockpot stew) and..as I call it…made up a recipe. Sliced 4 apples (don’t know what kind) but sauteed them in a frying pan sprayed with pam, with a little bit of stevia (sweetner) and a few drops of lemon juice. Took them out just before they were really cooked through, still a little crisp, and what a yummy dessert. My husband added cinnamon to his, I had mine plain. This just hit the spot!

    P.S. to Valerie, glad to know that someone else likes the rain too. Most people don’t, but sorry to hear you don’t like the wind. I’ve got lots of windchimes in my garden & around my house which makes for musical addition to my garden.


  7. Bernadine, I was born in England and lived there till I was nearly ten, so I am used to lots and lots of rain. I think it is refreshing. Also, I may not like the wind very much but am sure I would love the sound of your wind chimes!!

    Just for general information, I was reading comments on the internet about apples and the favorites seemed to be HONEYCRISP (which I had never heard of but talked to my girlfriend and she had bought some at Costco) and FUJI. ( FUJI is my favorite apple, but I have yet to try HONEYCRISP.


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