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A Rose By Any Other Name

June 6, 2016

By Heidi Gaul

I love roses, any kind of rose, be it an Old Word variety, a creeper, a climber, a tea rose or a floribunda. But my devotion to these beautiful blooms doesn’t mean they all return the affection. Miniature roses and tree roses are a mystery I haven’t yet been able to solve. I am convinced they begin their death march during the drive home from the nursery.


Give me a hardy showstopper like Jackson & Perkins’ Cherry Parfait Grandiflora,


or Weeks’ About Face Grandiflora, and I’m fine.


Jackson & Perkins’ Julia Child (known as the Absolutely Fabulous in the U.K.) is another sturdy, gorgeous favorite of mine. This floribunda delivers “bouquets” in the prettiest shade of yellow, and though the fragrance is delicate, it is divine.

In the Northwest where I live, one of my biggest challenges is black spot and I fight it diligently with powder and systemics. I’m curious—what is your favorite rose and why? What threats to your roses do you battle?

Heidi Gaul is an avid gardener, writer, and winner of the Cascade Award 2015- Devotionals.

Photography by David Gaul.

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