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Here we are with the usual copyright notice . . . forewarning, telling you “DON’T EMBEZZLE MY WORK.” I prefer to trust everyone, but past thievery has tarnished good guys and good gals’ intent. So please note that my work is copyright protected.

Copyright:  All content (text, photos, and any other material) on inandaroundthegarden.net is the sole property of Author and Founder Dianne Marie Andre, unless noted otherwise. Each logo and trademark is the property of its respective owner(s). The law prohibits you from using any part of inandaroundthegarden.net for any reason, personally and/or professionally. You are NOT authorized to copy, paste, print, reproduce, modify, republish, upload, download, repost, transmit, duplicate, distribute, or store any content (text, photos, and any other material) in any form, electronic or otherwise.

Excerpt Request:  I will gladly consider requests for use of excerpts (text and/or photography) with link of the source page on inandaroundthegarden.net.


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