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profile photoMy name is Dianne Marie Andre. I am an avid gardener, author, and photographer. My love of gardening began as a child at my grandparents’ dairy where they always had a plump vegetable plot, playful snapdragons, and green clover fields. Growing up, my parents, sister, and I lived close enough to visit weekly. Later, after I married, it was my grandma’s tips that helped to make my first vegetable garden a success.



DSC00475_edited-2Photography was a childhood interest, but as life evolved into adulthood, I did not pursue picture-taking until several years ago. My photos are taken in natural light, mostly macros, still life, and nature. Creating images gives me enormous pleasure. I can’t wait to share them, always with the hope of brightening someone’s day.



DSC00736_edited-3My interest in writing began when I acquired a diary as a girl and with it the desire to fill vacant pages. Despite a thirst to pen school-day events and dreams, becoming a writer did not occur to me until I was a wife and mother shadowed with cancer and the disease’s frightful temperaments. Twenty-plus years later, I am THANKFUL to be dancing with plants and words, sharing an online sentiment of horticulture interests and country animation in and around the garden. I hope you enjoy the journey.


I would love to know a little about you, what your passions are, and your gardening style! Just use the form below.

I promise to answer, but please be patient.


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