Slanted Light

October 19, 2011

Where trees grow there are leaves to rake,

Limbs to trim, debris to compost,

And walks to take among slanted light.

Copyright © 2011 Dianne Marie Andre

… … …

Silver Maple Tree (in photo above) Facts:

  • Latin name: Acer saccharinum L.
  • Grows in zones 3 – 9, sun to partial shade.
  • Deciduous. Broad-leafed. Leaves are green on the top and silver underneath.
  • Fast growing with a long lifespan (130 years or more).
  • Thrive in poor soil conditions.
  • Invasive root that easily penetrate poor soil and can break sidewalks and house foundations.

Sun Ray Facts:

  • Sun rays are actually white.
  • As rays travel through the atmosphere, it removes the many blue hues thereby leaving reds, yellows, and oranges. By the time the rays reach human visibility they are processed as yellow. 


  1. Thank you for the info. You take beautiful pictures, Dianne,,,,


  2. Thanks, Dolores. Happy to bring a little ‘light’ into your day–Dianne


  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Inspires me to take a walk, but walking around the city block won’t have such beautiful scenery. You certainly have a way with both the camera and words. Thank you Dianne for sharing your talent with us today. Very inspiring, uplifting and welcome.


  4. Ahhh, thanks Bernadine. City walking isn’t as pretty as country or park strolls, but you’re more apt to get a better workout as you won’t be distracted by breathtaking views. –Dianne


  5. I’d rather be distracted!


  6. Wish my drive way looked like yours. I recognize the “photo” but have not been there that time of day. Beautiful.


    • You’d have to get up with the chickens, after a rainy night–come on over! Wear your PJ’s!


  7. Early morning beauty is worth the sacrafice of getting up at the crack of dawn!


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