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Kellogg’s Garden Products | September 21, 2010 http://www.kellogggarden.com/asseeninitem?nid=519

In and Around the Garden  

Master Gardener “Farmer Fred” Hoffman knows just about everything about turning a patch of dirt into a successful garden bed. Gardeners all over Northern California tune in to his two garden talk shows, “Garden Show” and “Get Growing,” for tips and facts on growing beautiful flowers and delicious veggies.

“In and Around the Garden” blog-author, Dianne Andre, writes about her love for gardening and getting her hands dirty; in this post she recaps a talk given by Farmer Fred at a Clements Garden Club Meeting.

The part we found most interesting? Fred Hoffman, renowned gardening expert, showed up to the talk sporting a “Kellogg’s cap” with a bag of Gardner and Bloome’s Bud and Bloom Fertilizer on display! Of course we already know our organic fertilizer is the best you can buy, but the support from Sacramento’s famous Farmer Fred makes us extra proud! Click here to see Dianne’s full blog post! https://inandaroundthegarden.net/2010/09/20/farmer-fred-hoffman/




Boething Treeland Farms, Inc. News | November 2010  http://www.boethingtreeland.com/

Garden Club Gives a Shout-out to Boething Treeland

Exerpt:  “ Looking out over the land in every direction, you immediately suck in a deep breath of ahh, hold it, and then let out an air of disbelief. Miles of rolling hills dotted with green vegetation appear to be an endless ocean of vertical waves from low surfs to colossal tides.” Read on to learn more:  https://inandaroundthegarden.net/2010/10/20/field-trip-to-a-sea-of-trees/



Photographer Dianne Poinski has inandaroundthegarden.net listed as one of  her favorite blogs to follow. Visit her at http://diannepoinski.blogspot.com/

We’re also listed as a favorite blog at http://granniesgems.blogspot.com/


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