Purple Pansies

November 1, 2016

My pansies are happy where I planted them. Even the deadheaded blossoms that I toss into the birdbath appear pleased.











  1. Dianne, you are so versatile in your talents. Absolutely beautiful. ❤


  2. I just came across this blog while looking up information on propagating coleus…I’m constantly trying out different people and different blogs to find a person to follow who has a group devoted to my area. Haven’t looked around any to find out where any of you live, but I will. (In the meantime, do you know of anyone like the person I would be looking for? I live in East Texas (HOT AND HUMID) in Zone 8b?) But, I do want to thank you for your GREAT info on propagating coleus….I came across a video last night where the lady said to use straight cow manure compost instead of seed starting medium…what is your opinion of that? Wouldn’t it be too strong? I sure hope you get this. Looking at the blog dates….I don’t know!
    Thank you very much, Dianne (by the way, my name is Diane, too!)


    • Diane, I’m glad you found the coleus post helpful. Sorry, I can’t help you with East Texas Zone 8b. I’ve never used straight cow manure compost instead of seed starting medium. Compost should consist of different decomposed components like raw food scraps, leaves, lawn clippings, and manure, etc. I think you’ll find all the answers to your questions about germinating seeds in aged cow manure compost at this wonderful article:


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