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Here Comes the Sun

March 5, 2010 Registered & Protected

On rainless winter days when the sun shines, Ralphie and I head outdoors for a walk. (It’s too wet to garden.) The sunlight is exhilarating. I feel like skipping and nearly do as Ralphie’s little feet quickly march ahead, the leash taut. It’s still winter, but not for long. Signs are everywhere. Nightfall pulls in noticeably later. Stringy willow twigs dangle from branches dotted with pinhead-size buds. Green field grasses practically kiss my knees.

During one of our recent walks—between showers—the flowering plum tree (Prunus x blireiana) pictured below was beautifully dressed in pink blooms. Sure looks like spring to me!

Even this mushroom took on a pinkish hue as it curled upward to catch the sunlight. 


The sun’s magic spell renewed hope that day—God knows I needed it—with fresh beginnings and a big fat boost of vitamin D. At the end of our walk, the sky suddenly turned grey. Nonetheless, buoyancy remained in my veins. This flock of birds perched on the Locust tree near the house wasn’t disheartened either. They continued to sing here comes the sun.


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