Egg…ish Tips and Facts

April 4, 2010

Ten Tips and Truths about Eggs:

1.  Egg size is determined by weight per dozen.

2.  Grade is determined by the quality of the shell, white, yolk, and the size of the air cell.

3.  Stored in refrigerator, eggs can last up to three weeks

4.  Keep eggs separate from strong scented foods (fish, onion, garlic, melons, etc.) as they absorb odors.

5.  You can tell if an egg is fresh when the yolk, and the white next to the yolk, stands up tall.

6.  Rotten eggs will float to the top when placed in a bowl of water; unspoiled eggs will sink.

7.  To tell if an egg is raw or hard-cooked, spin it. A hard-cooked egg will easily spin. A raw egg will wobble.

8.  The white meat spot is not sperm or an embryo. It’s what anchors the yolk in the center of the white.

9.  The blood spot sometimes seen in an egg is a blood vessel that ruptured during formation. It is not an embryo.

10.  Cloudy egg whites are caused by one of the following: 1)carbon dioxide in the white; 2)the protein that holds the yolk together is stronger than usual causing a cloudy appearance; 3)the egg was stored between 32 and 39 degrees F.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, I sincerely hope that something wonderful and special will come your way today.  Dianne Marie Andre


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