Queen of Quiche the Second

April 25, 2010

It’s asparagus season and my husband came home from work with a large bag. I decided to make Judy Crosby’s Asparagus Quiche (see Feature Writer) and purchased the ingredients the following day. This was my first quiche   baking attempt. Joe calls it sissy food, thus my reason for delay in making this wonderful dish. Nevertheless, I love quiche (and asparagus) and I wanted to make it at least once before I die.

Judy’s recipe was quick and easy to mix. (An A+ in my kitchen.) Once prepared, I put it into a preheated oven, closed the oven door, and then walked away without setting the timer. Eventually, I realized this and started peering through the glass door every five minutes. Time seemed to stretch into the next century. The egg mixture swelled in the slowest of slow motions, similar to a budding flower caught on film by a talented National Geographic photographer.

Finally done, out from the oven it came. After it had slightly cooled, I took a bite of my first homemade quiche. It was excellent.


  • Botanical nameAsparagus officinalis.
  • Harvest time:  February through April
  • Select:  Tight-closed tips with firm, straight green stalks. Dull green indicates an old asparagus. For even cooking time chose uniform stalk thickness.
  • Varieties:  Green, purple, violet, and wild.
  • Prep:  Refrigerate unwashed until you’re ready to cook, with ends trimmed and placed in an inch of water in a jar. Cover with plastic wrap or plastic bag. Before cooking, snap off ends and wash. Depending on your preference, some like to peel the lower stalks before cooking
  • Nutritional Value:  go to http://www.nutritiondata.com/  (This is a wonderful source.)

Copyright © 2010 Dianne Marie Andre


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