September Readers’ Contest

September 15, 2010

It’s contest time again. Starting today, September 15, same game, same rules, different prize:  Lowe’s $10 Gift Card. 

  Here’s the rules and game plan: 

  1. You must be a subscriber to play. It’s FREE!
  2. Simply post a comment. No restrictions on length. The person with the most comments by September 30 midnight is the winner
  3. The winner will be notified by email. The winner’s first name and last initial will be announced on inandaroundthegarden.net.

Best of luck and happy commenting!  

Note:  In and Around the Garden and/or the author has the right to refuse publication of comment(s) unsuitable  and/or to exclude them in the above contest. In and Around the Garden and/or the author also has the right to decide what comments are unsuitable. By playing the ‘September Readers’ Contest’, you agree to these terms. 











  1. Our succluent, one of the first we started with and planted outside, is blooming. Three stalks with pretty peach and yellow blossoms. The same plant, which I planted in a portable cactus/succulent garden (a smaller version)has yet to produce blossoms, but is getting bigger. Trying not to water them too much, as overwatering can be deadly. Will keep you posted.


  2. We used ‘giant clam shells’ from the Philippines. I also planted two ‘pork & beans’ succulents, in a painted glass. It was originally green, then painted with gold paint and little tear drop type scratchings showed the green through. I chose to put the two pork & bean slips in it, as the tear drops looked like the pork & bean plant. Actually, any kind of container would make your plants portable – the books on cactus suggest terra cotta planters with a drain hole, but I’ve just used whatever is handy or looked pretty (no drain holes in the clam shells or green/gold glass, but the plants seem to be doing okay thus far. we’ll see as only time will tell. We are just experimenting I guess, but trial & error proves to be a good teacher. I’ll keep you posted.


  3. I had beautiful blooms on one of my succulents. I don’t know the name of them. The stems came up at least two feet with leaves (I hope they call them leaves) coming out all the way up, and then this big pom-pom of a flower with pinky-mauve collection of tiny mauve flowers. I had about four blooms.

    Looked at them a week or so ago and those darn aphids had attached themselves to the upper leaves and one of the flowers was looking a little sad. I cut that one off as it was too infested and sprayed a stream of water on the others. They look OK now. The aphids have been bad at our house lately. They’re infested our crepe myrtles and even our birch trees had some shiny leaves on some of their branches.


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