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Ten Gardening To-Do Tips After a Storm

October 19, 2010

Usually, the first thing I do the day after a storm is to walk the front and back yards, and the perennial and vegetable gardens.

Here are some of the things to look for after a storm:

  1. Check for broken tree and shrub limbs. Remove with proper pruning tools. One size, one type/style does not fit all.
  2. Remove leaves that have major damage.
  3. Check stakes and ties. Replace or secure where needed.
  4. Check for erosion and exposed roots. Immediately cover roots with top soil and/or compost. Letting the roots dry out could damage or kill plants.
  5. To avoid breeding grounds for mosquitoes, empty, turn over or put away pot saucers, buckets, birdbaths, wheelbarrows—anything holding water.
  6. Check for areas with standing water. Try to avoid walking in wet beds. This will compact the soil and could damage roots. Plants need loose soil for air circulation.
  7. Check for snails and slugs, and treat organically. Remove old wood lying on the ground where snails, slugs, and earwigs can breed.
  8. Check plants for powdery mildew and treat before it spreads.
  9. Watch for weeds after it rains. Hand pull making sure to get the roots. Mulching will help prevent weeds but keep mulch at least three inches away from trunks.
  10. Check timers. Turn them off or adjust accordingly.

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