How to Eliminate Lawn Mushrooms

November 16, 2010

It’s that time of year, when cute little mushrooms start popping up in the lawn. However, if left alone, they won’t stay little or cute, and they will spread.

Mushrooms are the fruit of a fungi growing on dead or decaying matter in the soil. Lawn mushrooms feed off rotting mulch or thatch, animal waste, tree stumps and dead or dying roots. If your lawn mushrooms are large, it’s because they are receiving a good amount of food. Although chemicals may get rid of any present mushrooms, the soil will remain infected with the fungus. In most cases, it would be impossible to replace the soil, which means the mushrooms will probably return. If you don’t want to use (or keep reapplying) chemicals, here are some organic methods to help eliminate or decrease lawn mushrooms:

  • De-thatch the lawn
  • Clean up pet waste
  • Remove rotting mulch
  • Remove old tree stumps and roots
  • Hand pick, rake, or mow over the mushrooms to reduce spores from spreading.

 Note:  Never consume wild mushrooms. Many are deadly to children and adults.



  1. Thanks Dianne! I guess I’ll go mushroom hunting, I have lots of big ones on the lawn on the North side of my house. Your tips were just great! Bernadine


    • I need to do the same thing. I get them in the perennial garden as well, and the mushrooms do stop appearing for a while when I pop them out of the ground.


  2. We dug out mushrooms out of our lawn the other day and filled a plastic bucket at least 3/4 ways full. It weighed a ton when I picked it up. We have had some mushrooms/toadstools?? before but never have they been so PROLIFIC!!!

    I know if you don’t pick them before the undersides open you will have lots of spores to grow new ones.

    They have really been a nuisance this year.

    Wish I knew if they were really edible mushrooms because they would have made a wonderful side dish. We are taking no chances on them!!!


    • It’s been a while since I wrote about the mushrooms, so now I’m wondering if everybody removed theirs? Mine were removed after I posted the article. I figured that I had better do what I encourage others to do.


  3. After Valerie’s comment today, we need to ‘go on a major mushroom hunt this afternoon!’ I agree the mushrooms have been more prevelant this year, we’ll see how many we can harvest – for the garden refuse that is! Bernadine


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