Valentine Wish

February 14, 2011

Be with Us in the Circle of Our Love

Be with us in the circle of our love,
Even if by chance you are alone.
Our greetings we have hope your heart will move,
Uniting our good wishes with your own.
Remember there are those who think of you,
Vested in the will to be a friend.
As distant hills give depth to what we view,
Let these words some grace to your day lend.
Each life is lived behind a sheltering veil,
Not lifted but for love. Yet when we will,
There is a wind that shifts the rampart frail,
Invading with sweet scent the spirit still.
Now may we all enjoy this fragrance fine,
Each other’s secret Valentine.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon



  1. How sweet, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

    We celebrated today (Sunday). I had a Valentine’s Tea party for my two granddaughters and two of their friends and three of my friends. We had the varied tea sandwiches and brownies cut into hearts and scones with either lemon curd or strawberry jam and whipped cream. Mmmm.

    Tomorrow night we are invited to dinner at a friends house to celebrate the day. I haven’t got flowers from my husband yet – not holding my breath. He always does nice things for me when I ask him so that is good enough for me.


    • Thanks for the best wishes Valerie and Bernadine. You made some great memories, Valerie, which are far better than objects.


  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Dianne and all In and Around the Garden readers. My best wishes to everyone. bernadine


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