A Quarter and a Pack of Seeds

March 14, 2011

I have partnered with Dinner Garden in a fund drive and you’re invited to help with this worthy cause. All you have to do is donate 25 cents, which will grow one garden for someone now, and a pack of seeds used to help someone grow a garden in the future.

Dinner Garden, featured in the Mar/Apr 2011 issue of Angels on Earth, a Guideposts Publication, is a non-profit organization that provides fruit and vegetable seeds free of charge to anyone in the United States who wants to grow a garden. Currently they are working to provide vegetable seeds to the thousands of students who only eat when they get free meals at school. With Dinner Garden’s Seeds for Kids program, Dinner Garden (www.dinnergarden.org) hopes to increase food security for families through gardening and to help lessen their dependence on public assistance.

What I like about this wonderful fund drive is that it’s affordable. These days most people are experiencing major cutbacks. But just about everyone can give 25 cents and a pack of seeds.

A Quarter and a Pack of Seeds begins today March 14 and ends March 31, 2011, midnight. Please feel free to invite your friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers to take part. One-hundred percent of the collected funds and seeds will go to Dinner Garden in San Antonio, Texas.

All donations (a quarter and a pack of seeds) must be sent snail mail so be sure to email me (inthegarden@softcom.net) for details. It’s simple and only takes a few minutes.

I appreciate your support in the fight for hunger, in and around the garden. — Dianne



  1. What a great program. I’m sure the children will be pioneers in their community in efforts to feed those in need, as well as set a pattern for years and generations to come. Fresh produce how delightful, and toiling the soil is also good for the soul.

    I’d like to participate. Sign me up! bernadine


  2. I think this is a great idea! I only wish I could easily post this onto Facebook for great impact from those closest to me…


    • Me too! The response has been very disappointing. Maybe people are more focused on helping earthquake victims–another good cause. Thanks for your comment, Alisha.


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