Spring Checklist

March 23, 2011

When springtime rolls around and indoor chores expand to the landscape a checklist can create a sense of order. Time, money or bad weather may not allow completion right away, but a task list does inspire one to move forward and to prioritize the must-dos from the I-wants. Here are a few spring tasks to get you started.

  • Repair garden hoses
  • Reorganize garden shed
  • Clean bird baths and feeders
  • Test pond and fountain pumps
  • Replenish driveway road base
  • Remove old fly and wasp traps
  • Clean and repair outdoor furniture
  • Clear debris or turn into woodchips
  • Tighten screws in deck and re-stain
  • Wash exterior windows and screens
  • Clean and sharpen hand-tool blades
  • Check sprinkler heads and test timers
  • Tighten or replace stakes and tree ties
  • Transplant root bound plants to larger pots
  • Power wash walkways and patio hardscape
  • Repair and repaint wrought-iron fence or railing
  • Repair retaining walls, raised beds, and walkways
  • Clean gutters and splash trays under down spouts
  • Clean barbecues, wheelbarrows, and lawn mowers
  • Sterilize pots with 1-part bleach to 10-parts water
  • Remove standing water from saucers and unused pots
  • Organize and store tree stakes and fence boards out of sight
  • Repair loose and damaged fence pickets, trellises and arbors
  • Build or buy supports for peonies, peas, beans, tomatoes
  • Remove trees and/or branches that lean heavily against rooftops and fence lines
  • Dispose of hazardous chemicals according to county and city waste management guidelines

Chores such as these will keep the landscape looking pristine and life running more smoothly. For spring ‘gardening’ tasks, click on Monthly Tasks on the sidebar to the right.


One comment

  1. A little tidying up in the spring is good inside and outside. bernadine


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