2011 First Harvest

May 27, 2011

Yum! Today, I ate my first tomato of the season. Sorry there’s no photo to show you the little beauty, but I couldn’t wait to get it into my mouth.


  1. Sweet! bernadine


  2. My tomatoes only have yellow flowers so far. I am jealous. I have Big Boy, Early Girl and Sun Gold. I can’t wait for my first home-grown tomato.

    I did dig up 3 red onions and 1 white onion today. I am taking them camping to put on the hamburgers and use in a taco salad. There are lots more in the ground waiting to be dug up when I get back.


  3. Don’t be jealous, because I am worn out already and I haven’t left me house yet. ha ha……..


  4. I have harvested some crookneck. I am a long way from harvesting tomatoes. I have turned 3 4’x4′ old wooden cherry bins into vegetable planters. I am amazed at how much larger and healthier these plants are compared to my in ground vegetable garden. I am thinking it is primarily the fresh soil.


    • Thanks for sharing, Sue. Email a photo of the crookneck and new cherry bin bed and I’ll post it! I’m sure everybody would love to see how you recycled the bins.


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