Soulful Plotting

June 10, 2011


1.  The small seed of a fruit like that of a strawberry, orange or an apple;

2.   An individual rootstock of Lily-of-the-Valley or similar plant.



  1. Is pip your term?


    • Here are some sights that define pip:

      Pip (pip) noun: a small seed, as of an apple, pear, or orange

      Work and Income’s Web site lists ‘pip fruit’ as a seasonal fruit-picking opportunity:
      Berry Fruit Growing
      Citrus Fruit Growing
      Grape and Olive
      Growing Cut Flower and Flower Seed
      Hop, Tobacco and Hemp Growing
      Kiwi Fruit Growing
      Other Fruit Growing
      Pip Fruit Growing
      Plant Nurseries
      Stone Fruit Growing
      Vegetable Growing

      Here, at http://define.com/Pip, pip is defined again:
      Pip \Pip\, noun [Formerly pippin, pepin. Cf. {Pippin}.] (Bot.) A seed, as of an apple or orange.

      Lastly, the wonderful, fresh watermelons we’re all waiting to bite into have pips. You can find this definition at http://watermelon.askdefine.com/


  2. Pip, Pip, Hurray! thanks for the indepth explanation of pip. bernadine


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