Is it Summertime Yet?

June 13, 2011

After all that rain and a full week of sunshine, does . . .

a few sugar snap peas,

one crookneck squash,

 a thirst for water,

 and freshly harvested lettuce mean it’s finally summer?

I sure hope so. What signs of summer do you see in and around your garden?

If you want, email a photo to me and I’ll post it.

Just make sure it’s small as I have dial-up.



  1. Yes, summer is fastly approaching! No photos to share, but we had fresh grilled on the BBQ zucchini yesterday for a pre-Father’s day celebration. Absolutely delicious! There are so many ways to use fresh vegetables that are light and refreshing.

    Today I’m making bruschetta and will give you the recipe in my guest writer posting sometime in July.

    Keep following Dianne’s In and Around the Garden – it’s summertime friendly.



  2. great pictures! mine would be of a pile of drench boy clothes on the garage floor; not as pretty but full of summer fun! now I only need to teach them the pile goes in the machine….


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