Bringing Home the Ribbons

June 21, 2011

The county fair is over.  The prizes were awarded and by some miracle I managed to rake in a few first places, seconds, third, fourth, and honorable mention. But the big shocker was ‘best of show’ for the garden path sign my husband and I made from old chair legs, scrape wood and a rusty coffee can.

Although I am pleased with my little winnings, this isn’t a brag post as much as it is an invitation to unearth your hidden talent, to try your hand at a craft you’ve been admiring. I’ve interviewed people who, on a fluke, picked up a paintbrush, a camera, and a wood burning tool and ended up discovering their passion. So follow your heart and start creating.



  1. Congratulations on your ribbons of varying colors. Good advice Dianne. Everyone should follow their passion, or at least try something new. bernadine


  2. Congratulations Dianne! A great reminder and I am happy to see you are following your own advice!


    • Thanks. It was fun. Have you ever entered your beautiful photos in the fair? I’m sure they would receive top prize.


  3. That’s so awesome! Not by some miracle…you are just more amazing than you think!


  4. congratulations


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