In and Around my Garden

July 6, 2011

Because of all the late spring rains and last week’s summer downfall, my snapdragons developed milddew. I neglected to keep an eye out for early signs and I had to pull them out. But first, I salvaged the blooms by stripping the leaves before snipping the stems near the base. Then I placing them in a bucket of water sitting next to me. Cut flowers will last longer when put immediately into water. This boutique will give me about ten days of pleasure.


Three years after planting two dwarf bottlebrush plants, blooms have finally emerged.

Other flowering plants in and around my garden are lavender, society garlic, vinca, begonia, hydrangea,  Santa Barbara daisy, potato vine, butterfly bush, pomegranate, columbine, calendula, Victoria blue salvia, black-eyed Susan, and the one pictured below.  Can you guess what plant produces the flowers in the photo below?



  1. I love the snapdragons in the coffee kettle.
    Love the bottle brush bush – but it attracts bees!
    Don’t know the pretty lavendar & yellow flowers? What are they?
    bernadine p.s. great photos, as always!


    • The answer is: potato plant. The blossoms appear before the plant starts to yellow and dry up. I’ll dig the potatoes up this weekend.


  2. You really fooled us with this one. I never would have guessed. Let me know when the potato salad is ready! bernadine


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