Garden Slowdown

July 18, 2011

Don’t look now, but the weekend is over. Some people spend their work-free days fishing, camping, riding waterskis, or running a marathon. I usually pluck a few weeds, harvest veggies, and eat meals so fresh the food melts in my mouth like sweet, delicious butter. However, the harvest you see in the photo is from the previous weekend. These past two days, lettuce was the only produce to take the pilgrimage from my garden’s soil to the kitchen.

The cool fall-like weather, here in California’s central valley, has slowed down the yield. My bean, tomato, and cucumber vines bear pea-size vegetables. The zucchini plant isn’t performing like a zucchini plant. We all know this prolific vegetable normally yields a zillion little green logs. This summer is different. The vegetable plants are lush, buds aplenty but very little to harvest. The climate isn’t hot enough to swell vegetables into adulthood.

Instead of giving away zucchini, I’m praying there will soon be more than the two I picked a couple of weeks ago. Compared to commercial growers, I am a little gardening gal with pocket-size concerns. Still, it’s frustrating to have homegrown food restricted at ground level. The good news? There’s more time for fun. Maybe I’ll learn to hook  a worm and harvest some fish.



  1. It is hot and dry in the midwest where I live and are praying for rain and cooler temperatures. I do have zuchinni and today I am making relish and chocolate cupcakes with my zuchinni


  2. Yum! I would love to have the recipes! I can’t find my favorite zucchini bread recipe — how does this happen? But then I don’t have enough zucchini, not yet. –Dianne Marie Andre


  3. Luscious and healthy cuisine, even on a minimal scale. Hurray for the fresh veggies. bernadine


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