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Update: Naming the Toad & September Events

August 31, 2011

My Toad has a Name:

The poles are in and I’ve chosen the name Tobi the Toad, submitted by Dolores. Thanks everybody for your suggestions. I got a kick out of each. Valerie, what a good question:  “Can a toad be a she?” The word ‘toad’ certainly does sound masculine. But the term is not gender related. In fact, “Toad is a mystery word, with no known relatives in any other Indo-European language.”

Female toads deserve a better appellation as they lay between 1,000 and 5,000 eggs in a single clutch. Regardless of the toad’s sex, always handle with caution (we didn’t know this), and stop pets from putting them in their mouths. If a toad becomes frightened, it can ooze a poisonous milky juice from the skin glands. This poison has been known to kill pets and wildlife, so wash your hands thoroughly after handling one, and never put your hands near your eyes or in your mouth. Probably best to simply enjoy watching toads.

September is here:

September events are now posted (click on “Events’ on sidebar), full of nature and garden related activities many of them FREE. Tours, workshops, festivals, clinics! Take advantage and make this the month to go out and have some fun before  winter arrives.

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