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Seeds of Hope

September 21, 2011

If you’ve been following my blog, you know of the recent computer failure, the immediate need to raise funds for a new PC (the one I’m using is seven years old, slow, and tired), and the special friend who donated a carload of goods for last weekend’s garage sale.

Saturday’s sales were slow. Ninety-five percent of the people were men. Of course, I didn’t have ‘guy’ merchandize so the sale was a bust.

Sunday morning, another special friend—who loves garage sales—showed up early, filled several bags, then gave me a sizable donation that nearly started a brawl. We argued for some time. In the end, she won. Then she offered to look at my printer and external backup drive that also went on the blink. Within twenty minutes, both were working! No brawl, just hugs. Lots of hugs!

Although sales were low both days, I met the most interesting people. One couple talked about the old town buildings in their backyard and the fun they have hunting for more structures.

A big guy tossed a lace tablecloth over his shoulder, gave me fifty cents, and said with a flushed face, “It’s for my mother, honest. She loves these things.” Another man, after seeing the computer speakers for sale talked for thirty minutes about his internet woos and being a tech dummy. I knew how he felt and wished I could help.

A true country dweller walked into the garage asking if I had a sickle bar mower. “I plow my fields with a team of horses, he said proudly. “There’s not one tractor on my place.” Amazing! Somebody actually lives on manual mode. Love it!

Then I met a genuine American Picker, the last person before closing. A well-dressed man with hair white as snow and a gentle voice with such clarity I clung to every word. He sells all over the world through other dealers, people, he said with so much integrity they’re honest enough to tell him when one of his hundred-dollar items, for example, goes for $1,400.

Hearing about the integrity of others seemed to go with the weekend’s theme of special friends planting seeds of hope. I have a long way to go before earning enough for a new computer. Nevertheless, the donations and sales will allow me to make a modest contribution to the Susan G. Komen Beast Cancer Foundation, buy a heavy-duty surge protector, and start a small fund for a PC.

Small beginnings lead to big finales. Can you hear the fireworks?  

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