Alden Lane Nursery

October 17, 2011

Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, California, owned by Jacquie Williams-Courtright, is a popular crowd pleaser where novice and experienced gardeners shop for an umbrella of plants and garden accessories. There are so many garden choices and events at Alden Lane Nursery it’s hard to say who benefits most, home gardeners, professional landscapers, or children.

Crowd-pleasing facets include a two-story French country-style breezeway and gift shop. Ancient, heritage valley oaks throughout a grand circular area displaying hundreds of ornamental plants, fruit trees, vegetables, water-garden plants, decorative art, demonstration gardens, pottery, patio furniture, and more.

Throughout the year, Alden Lane Nursery is host to many community events and fun, educational clinics geared toward all ages. Folks like Quilter and Author Margaret J. Miller from Bremerton, Washington, display beautiful handiwork at the nursery’s ‘Quilting in the Garden’ affair. Other events include a Daffodil Show, Open Heart Kitchen, Orchids under the Oaks, Art under the Oaks, summertime Kids Club, County Fair Amateur Gardening Competition, Pumpkin Carving Fun, Beekeeping classes, plant and landscape workshops, seminars and much more.

Before winter sets in, and while fall colors are at their peak, visit Alden Land Nursery. For current workshops and events go to http://www.aldenlane.com.

Alden Lane Nursery is located at 981 Alden Lane, Livermore, CA. Phone:  925- 447-0280



  1. Good Monday Morning Dianne: Wow this is certainly a place that I want to visit…Who knew there were so many wonderful places to see in and around our neighborhood…Thank you for doing all of the hard work and finding spots of extreme interest to visit.

    Have a great week….Kisses Kim


  2. Oooh, a nice destination for a ‘day trip’. This will be on our list for a future outing. Thanks for the information.


  3. I love Alden Lane Nursery. It is always fun to find plants that are just a little different than those available locally. When I do the day trip with friends, we usually tag on a Wente excursion or downtown Livermore. Livermore has some wonderful restaurants.


    • I’m with you on finding ‘different’ plants. Love the hunt! Maybe this coming spring I can put together a tour trip to Alden Lane Nursery. How many of you are interested?


  4. I would like to go with on your Alden Lane Nursery tour. berndine


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