Garden Tips Hints and Cool Things

February 3, 2012

A Cool Thing:

  • Fog is simply ground clouds made of millions of tiny water droplets floating in the air and usually forms when the humidity reaches 100% at ground level.
  • Dewpoint determines how fast or slow fog appears and disappears as the sun warms the fog from the top down.
  • Fog is thicker at lower areas where heavy air flows downward.
  • Different fog types include:  Radiation fog, Sea fog, Ground fog, Advection fog, Steam fog (also called evaporation fog), Precipitation fog, Upslope fog, Valley fog, Ice fog, Freezing fog and Artificial fog.


Enjoy the precipitation that fog brings to the earth. But be smart, don’t drive in dense fog unless absolutely necessary.



  1. Good Friday Morning Dianne:

    Now I know everything there is to know about FOG…Thank you again…Have you seen all the wonderful sales on computers at Staples, Dell, and Office Max? Hopefully you can grab yourself one..Have a great week-end watching the Super Bowl…Kisses Kim


  2. Thanks Dianne. Very interesting information on fog. I’ve always wondered what the weather forecasters on television are talking about when they say ‘dewpoint’. I had no idea – now I know.

    Seems like for is a very versitle entity, and it makes your face feel cold too – but it is a refreshing cold – amost like a facial.

    The valley ground fog is the worst, I think, extremely dangerous when out on the roads and highways.

    I really liked today’s posting.


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