The Beauty of Primroses

February 20, 2012

The beauty of primroses is they bloom from winter to mid-spring and when the sky is grey you are sure to have hues of sunshine in the landscape.

Although it is best to plant primroses in autumn to establish good root development, they are usually available in six packs fall through springtime. The white primroses above were planted a little over a week ago and the pink ones are two years old returning from their slumber.


  • Grow in zones 1-10, 12-24 in part sun, preferably morning sun.
  • Are considered a perennial that dies back in hot weather.
  • Are used as color spot in beds, borders, containers, and for naturalizing areas.
  • Can be grown from seed indoors then transplanted.
  • Prefer well-drained soil in amended organic matter. Poor drainage will cause crown and root rot. Give Feed just before blooming with a light organic fertilize.
  • Remove spent blooms and dead leaves.
  • Water during summer even after they die back with little water come fall. If you like, transplant to a cool dry place, out of sight, during hot months then re-transplant in autumn.


  1. I didn’t know the name of those pretty little flowers. Primroses, now I know.


  2. Good Wednesday Evening Dianne:

    I love primroses…They were my husbands favorite too…Thank you for your wonderful information….Kisses Kim


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