2012 Spring Events are Here

February 27, 2012

When March arrives, I get excited because nature and garden events are in full swing in and around my neighborhood.

Every spring there is someplace new to discover, things to learn, and be inspired by.

This year, I just learned about the beautiful wildflower tour at North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve, one hour north of Sacramento. Tours run March through April, and fill up fast. If you’re interested, click on the link above or call 916-358-2869.

Click here for other March events.

Note:  The above photo was taken near my home.


One comment

  1. Good Monday Afternoon Dianne:

    Thank you for the info…

    Perhaps you could add Rewindthyme’s daffodil and tulip season to your events…They are just starting to come up and it looks like perhaps I will open for the season the end of the month of March..

    I will keep you posted..It could be a source of some beautiful pictures for you…

    Kisses Kim


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