Spring Awakening: An Easter Poem

April 8, 2012

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The hens lay their eggs again; I gather a daily yield

The grass grows tall; the pastures emerge green

I mow more often the lawn and fields.

Alone I garden, in deep regard this spring

For passionate labor and good things received

Including the sacrifice of Jesus, His abundant love

Come spring, come Easter, come every day

A solace to the human race.

Copyright © 2012 Dianne Marie Andre

Happy Easter family and friends.



  1. Absolutely beautiful. We attended Easter Vigil services last night and it was a moving experience. Happy Easter Everyone.


  2. And Happy Easter to you, my dear friend!
    I woke up and looked out of my bedroom window and there were 4 new beautiful Iris’ blooming. What a wonderful way to welcome Easter Sunday!


    • Thank you Dolores, Hannah, Georgia, and Bernadine. What a special gift–the first Iris blooms–to have received on Easter morning.


  3. Beautiful photo and poem,


  4. lovely words and photo, thanks for sharing with us


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