I’m still here, gardening, getting my hands dirty!

August 14, 2012


Dear Friends:

I’m typing from one of the library’s computer stations. Since I am able to get into my blog from here, the problem appears to be, in-part, my eight-year-old home computer.

I’m sorry for taking so long to figure this out and to let you know, but life has been one heck-of-a-ride the past four months. I see that everyone has remained subscribed and I thank you for understanding. There’s lots of material to review at inandaroundthegarden.net so please use it, and send your friends this way.

I may have to rob a bank, but I will be back when I can get the problem resolved!

I hope your summer has been rewarding and fun.

I pray your dreams are evolving,

And your life is abundant. –Dianne



  1. Welcome back to the internet world. I have missed your sharing with us. You always have great information to share.


  2. there is some good stuff back in those archives, thanks for reminding us!


  3. Glad your back.


  4. So glad to have you back online. Looking forward to more in and around the garden tips and information. Any new ventures since you blast posted on your blog?


  5. Great hearing from you again. You do a great job. These computers can be a pain!!



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