Summary of Buying a Little Green Book

February 5, 2014


I went again to the used book store and purchased this 1946 Sunset Flower Garden Book for fifty cents. It is tattered and worn, no doubt thoroughly used. Thumbing through the pages, I noticed several of the illustrations were colored with crayon. Clearly, the young and mature enjoyed this little green book and perhaps read it together, eager to plot out a family garden or single bed.


One look at the Contents and my interest was heightened. The book is small, but packed with boundless horticulture practices that encourage one to grow the tastiest, healthiest vegetables on the block, and ornamentals to die for.


Gardening books, like this one, hold a wealth of cultivation methods, and are keepers of illustrations, solutions, landscape ideas, and daytime dreams of yards small and carefree or grand and magnificent . . .


. . . yards full of progressive blooms, fragrances sweet, mild or strong. There’s no doubt this book represents professionals and the home gardener who have delved into horticulture through paper volumes and soil. How could I not purchase this little green book from 1946 with the inscription Kay Catherine Nille?

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