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May 27, 2014


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When I heard about the Celebration of Gardening, I jumped at the chance to tour the private 30-acre estate, Maple Rock Gardens, Newcastle, CA.

My husband and I arrived at opening time, 9:00 am, and already the parking lot was packed. At the entrance, we received a colored map. We didn’t need it, though. The countless paths of bricks, gravel, stones, pavers, river rocks, and other hardscape, were easy to follow from garden room to garden room, each a different theme.

The estate is owned by Scott Paris who also owns High Hand Nursery and High Hand Café in Loomis. Scott purchased the estate three years ago from Ruby and Frank Andrews who had already created a three-and-a-half acre garden, including a large miniature railroad area.

An avid plant and landscape lover, Scott expanded the gardens since taking ownership. By bringing in large plants and trees, the new and old blend together flawlessly. Water falls, streams, bridges highlight thousands of trees, shrubs, ground cover, and of course hundreds of maple trees.

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