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Garden Tips Hints and Cool Things

January 6, 2012

Tips and Hints:

  • Transplant living Christmas trees outside only if the soil is NOT soggy—a good garden tip when planting anything.
  • Bare-root roses, vines, ornamentals, and trees are available in local nurseries now through March.

Cool Thing:

Ancient Bedding Discovered. A team of archaeologists discovered 77,000-year-old evidence of plant bedding and insect-repelling plants in South Africa. The discovery was uncovered at Sibudu rock shelter. The bedding contains thick layers of compacted stems and leaves of sedges and rushes extending over at least one square meter and up to three-square meters used in the construction of the bedding. A layer of fossilized sedge stems and leaves, overlain by a tissue-paper-thin layer of leaves contain chemicals that are insecticidal, and would be suitable for repelling mosquitoes.

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