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It’s not all Fun!

August 4, 2010

I’m always ready to ride along in the car. Getting left behind isn’t cool, although I do get treats when this happens. I love the humans at the vet’s office, even Dr. Klapstein, UNTIL she pinches my skin, like she did the other day. That’s when I’m ready to leave the vet humans behind, lead Mommy out of the building and into the car.

Ruff, I’m always ready to come home, see if the cat’s in the garden!”–Ralphie.


Birthday Wish

April 15, 2010

Today is my first birthday.

This seems to be an important event to my owners.

Just look at the crazy hat I agreed to wear for a tiny stack of treats.

I hope being a year old doesn’t mean I’m too mature for toys.

The purple teddy next to my treats is one of my favorite toys . . . RUFF.

—Ralphie Andre

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