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Gardening with Pets

June 24, 2010 Registered & Protected

Ralphie loves to be outdoors with me, in the perennial garden or near the barn by the vegetable bed. This morning we spent time in both areas. I trimmed the lavender plant, potato vines, the dusty miller hedge, and then deadheaded zinnias while Ralphie explored, and barked at the cat.

In the veggie garden, I plucked out a few weeds and pulled up the last of the potatoes. As I carried the potatoes in a crate to the house, Ralphie kept jumping up to see what was inside the wooden box. I lowered the crate and let him look. Ralphie was as excited as I was with the crop, and grabbed one with his teeth. Together, we brought our harvest into the house. I took mine to the kitchen. Ralphie played with his in bed. I’ve never fed Ralphie table food. When we’re in the vegetable garden, I’ll make an exception. Although I doubt he will eat a potato.

Ralphie is only a year old, so this is his first experience with a vegetable garden. It will be fun to see how Ralphie handles a tomato. For sure, I won’t let him bring one inside the house. I’m not into cleaning up tomato juice. Sharing fresh produce can sometimes get a little messy, especially with a canine companion.

Ralphie and I garden well together. I labor; Ralphie plays, gets a fresh treat from the garden to eat or to amuse himself with, and then takes a nap. It’s all great, especially when you’re with a special companion. Copyright © 2010 Dianne Marie Andre

PS:  After posting this story, I was informed that potato skins are harmful to dogs. For a list of other fruits and veggies that are bad for dogs please read the following link:

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