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I’m Back!

May 6, 2011

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t posted since Monday, here’s an account of what has happened.

Tuesday, May 03:  As soon as I managed to get my new, hand-me-down computer running the landlines died. Until today, I couldn’t communicate with the world via telephone or cyberspace. I couldn’t check incoming emails, conduct internet research, or publicize Wednesday’s Guest Writer’s article.

In addition, two of my county fair entries were damaged (my fault) and my green bean seedlings that appeared happy and perky on Monday turned into crispy, brown foliage today.

The beans are growing along a fence line between a row of vigorous snow peas and asparagus bean seedlings. The brown green beans no longer blend beautifully between its neighbors. Like an unkempt front yard in the middle of well-groomed landscapes, the green beans are an eyesore.

I hadn’t fertilized. It wasn’t windy. The soil was damp so there’s no logical reason for fried leaves. It’s just one of those mysterious disorders that oftentimes leaves the caregiver baffled.

Since the stalks look good, I’m going to watch them for a week. If new leaf buds appear, I won’t replant. Replanting now would put harvest off for month.

The lifeless landlines, damaged county fair entries, and impaired bean crop are minor setbacks, slight disappointments. However, the distant roar of heavy equipment that woke me from a ten-minute snooze this afternoon was anything but trivial. More on this next week. 

Thursday, May 05:  Late afternoon Verizon repaired my landlines, and my hand-me-down computer is running smoothly. Now, though, the “service engine soon light” in my car lite up like a huge hotel sign. Tomorrow, I’ll have to take it into the shop which means I won’t have transportation to the Amador Master Gardeners’ annual plant sale to volunteer with set up and sales—a fun day that I will miss.

The good news is that Wednesday’s article, written by Guest Writer Bernadine Chapman-Cruz,  will be posted Saturday.  (There’s always something good to look  toward.) Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s Soulful Plotting and Bernadine’s article on the history of Mother’s Day.


Up from the Earth they Come

May 27, 2010

The Blue Lake beans have germinated!  

Fifty-eight days till harvest.

First, they’ll grow into vines.

Buds will sprout.

Pods will form.

Then dangly strings.

Green all the way through.  

Yum! Beans to-go!

Copyright © 2010 Dianne Marie Andre 

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