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Protect your Dog from Harmful Fruits & Veggies

June 24, 2010

One of my readers has kindly informed me of an article that states, “DO NOT FEED DOGS potato peels.” She also says there are a lot of “veggies and fruits” that dogs should not eat, and therefore, shouldn’t place them in their mouths when playing.”

I quickly did a little research. Below is a site that list toxic foods, including fruits and veggies, to dogs.  PLEASE take the time to read this link as it could save your pet’s life.

I will also be posting the link under Helpful Resources for future use, should you need to refer back to it.

Ralphie won’t be playing with any more potatoes or any of the other items on this list which does include tomatoes. As a new dog owner, I sure wish the veterinarian had included this in my “new puppy” packet. Thank you, Betty.

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