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The Lure of Fallen Blossoms

April 29, 2010

It rained the last two days, knocking most of the Locust tree blossoms to the ground. Many people detest this kind of mess in their yard, but I think the snow-like appearance is delightful. Every time I walk around the perennial garden, it puts a smile on my face. There’s no explanation for this ticklish reaction. It’s just one of nature’s buoyant gifts that I enjoy.

The Locust tree (Robinia pseudo-acacia) was here long before me and I have loved it since moving on the property. The pinnately compound leaves produce a lovely feather influence while the flower clusters fill the air with a fragrance I can’t identify. Nor do I try with the pollen allergies that I have. Because of the thorny branches, it’s best to stay out of this tree. Still, the Locust tree is a nice delicate touch next to the strong oak. Certainly, the blossoms on the ground are less of a burden than the dreaded acorns.


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