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Why Everyone Should Own Chickens

March 19, 2012

Since I wrote about the horrific fate of my layers in January, things are looking better in the hen-house. Recently, the six surviving hens started producing again. I wasn’t expecting much from them, in the way of eggs because production usually decreases at two and three years old. But these gals are giving me three to five eggs a day.

To think, I thought about giving the hens away. But there are just too many GOOD reasons to own hens. Dan and Mindy of Soulsby Farm seem to agree. They came up with the list below.

Ten Reasons why you should Own Chickens

By Soulsby Farm – A Very Small Farm

  1. Fresh Eggs daily – Much better than store-bought eggs. The egg white alone is about 33% more and it’s less expensive.
  2. Chickens have great personalities – Our favorite pastime is to sit in the back garden with a couple of cold beers and watch the chickens (they look like miniature robots).
  3. Help out with the compost pile – Chicken poo is too hot (high in nitrogen to place directly around growing plants) but it works wonders on your compost pile.
  4. They are very low maintenance – Easier than a cat or dog to maintain. Just stay on top of their food and water , clean the cage once in a while and collect eggs.
  5. You are One step closer to sustainable living – it feels good to have chickens, like you’re a real farmer
  6. Household leftovers are food for chickens – These birds eat just about anything. When I peel cucumbers or carrots or chop of mushroom stems, I save it for the chickens (along with fruit rinds and skins) everything but potatoes and garlic. Unless you want your eggs to taste like garlic.
  7. Save a chicken from factory life – Have you ever seen the crap-holes commercial chickens live in? Enough said.
  8. Pest prevention – These hens cruise around and eat up a slew of bugs like slugs, snails, leatherjackets and more.
  9. When they get old and stop laying you can eat them – I haven’t done this yet and I’m not sure I can.
  10. Be the best neighbor on the block – I thought my neighbors would complain about the chickens but in fact, it was just   the      opposite. They bring them veggie scraps and their grandchildren rush over to see the chickens upon every visit and…..wait for it…. They all get free eggs.

To read the complete article, click on the link above. While you are there, check out Dan and Mindy’s site.

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