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Where the Heck have I Been?

November 29, 2010

In a house that refuses to communicate with the world.

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any material lately, my landline has been out-of-order since November 20, which means I can’t go online to post articles, do research, or email friends and family. Communication with the outside world has been at the lowest degree during these past nine days. I have a cheap, emergency cellphone that I rarely turn on, so rare that I never gave out the number after purchasing it, so inexpensive it’s slow to turn on and to find the satellite, so cheap it doesn’t work inside the house.

During this time, I also experienced  power failure, an empty propane tank (yes, my bill was paid), and a broken-down car. This has been a costly November. Well over $2,000. Ouch!

And get this, I am still coughing. I’ve been through two prescriptions, and I am still coughing.

Although a rebellious house, inefficient equipment, and a neglectful propane company is frustrating, things eventually work out. The power is restored, the propane tank filled and the house and water are now warm, and the car’s immediate repairs are complete. The engine does need pulling  fix a less-urgent problem, but that will have to wait.  Employment has ceased and funds have shrunk.

The phone company comes this week. I’ll be watching the driveway for a Verizon vehicle to come into sight, and crossing my fingers that the problem is on the outside of the house. Otherwise, the repair fee is on me. Meanwhile, I’m typing this at the library on a public computer with a one-hour limitation use. As soon as my house opens its pores and allows me to communicate with the world, you’ll hear from me. Meanwhile, happy belated Thanksgiving Day, and just in case . . . Merry Christmas.

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