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Julie & Julia

February 8, 2010

I just finished watching Julie & Julia on DVD for the umpteenth time. Except for the use of the f-word, I LOVE everything about this movie:  the actors, the sets, the lighting, the music, the perfectly stupendous transitions between scenes, a-n-d the love letters.

Paul Child’s correspondence to his brother and Julia’s to her sister and her pen pal express what is oftentimes a rare, supportive relationship between couples. Who would have known–not Paul or Julia, I’m sure–that their loved ones treasured the letters so much they kept them for a lifetime.

Then there’s Julia’s passion to lead a constructive life . . . “to have something to do,” in France. Julie’s was to fulfill a writing talent lost in the publishers’ world of daunting rejections. Together–without ever having met one another–Julie and Julia found their way through their love of cooking.

The first time I watched Julie & Julia, I walked out of the movie theater with a desire to learn how-to-love-to-cook. That was two months ago. It hasn’t happened yet! Frankly, I don’t think it will. Nevertheless, these characters, in their real-life roles, reassure me that LOVE enlightens us to all types of passions and channels. We just have to keep trying. Try until we discover the right lover (if you’re already single, that is), hobby, career, or whatever it is that we seek. Never give up!

Technically, Saint Valentine’s Day is for sweethearts, but to me it’s also for all things LOVED, now and in the future.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

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