Grooming, Bows, and Dirt

February 24, 2010

Doggie Thoughts by Ralphie Andre


Didn’t anyone tell the doggie barber that I’m a male? For cat’s sakes, what was the doggie barber thinking putting a bow on the center of my head? And why cut off my fur when it’s soooo cold and wet outside? My owner was sure pleased, though, when she finally returned after leaving me for threeeee long hours at Beauty of the Beast (collenslittlepuppies.com). My owner squealed something about me being a “sure winner” if I entered a dog show. Just what is a dog show? Who cares? I’m home now where I can dig in the garden once again . . . if my owner ever lets me outside.


Who wouldn’t want to look and smell like fresh garden soil? 




  1. That was the cutest post from Ralphie. Judy


  2. First off, the doggie barber must say what a good boy Ralphie was for his haircut. Second, she must say that it is usually the metrosexual city dogs she is used to grooming, not the soil-savy country dog. So she must apologize for the bow-albeit a blue one. See you in a month-be a good boy.


  3. Maybe a little plaid flannel bow? Or a little straw hat? Ralphie is so adorable. I wonder how long he’ll look this clean. I have a chihuahua yorkie or some other terrier mix and she always looks like she’s been through a hurricane. You cannot tell when I’ve brushed her – it all goes askew immediately. She thinks Ralphie is a hunk. LOL


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