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What Lies Beneath

May 5, 2010

Look what I found beneath the fading chrysanthemums (paludosum). Acorn seedlings!

Both must come out:  The acorns because I don’t want a forest and the chrysanthemums because they’re a winter annual that are dying off. The chrysanthemums are volunteers. I love that about them. Every winter the garden’s entrance is edged with free, daisy-like waves.

I have a hard time letting go of flowers, even spindly ones. (I can’t face the fact that I’m not a flower goddess with magical powers that enables flowers to last forever.)

I am hosting a small wedding here at the end of May. This is forcing me to let go, and fortunately, I found a bargain on zinnias with similar daisy-like appearance and growth habit.

I’ll plant them this weekend, just as soon as I yank out those gosh-darn acorn seedlings.

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