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A Change of Plans

May 25, 2010

My friend, Judy Crosby, woke me this morning with a phone call. Usually, I’m up early but with all the wind in the valley lately, the pollen is wearing me out. Judy called because she had read about the upcoming wedding in my backyard and my mission to find bargains for a red Japanese Maple tree, hydrangeas, vincas, and pots.


“Rite Aid has hydrangeas,” Judy said with excitement, “for $2.99.”

I would have jumped out of bed, dressed, and headed to town but here is the thing, the wedding invitation that I received Saturday (the ceremony is this coming Sunday.) halted a day of plant shopping. The young couple had changed the site!

The good side of this is that Joe and I washed the winter muck off the windows, inside the house and out. I trimmed the small weeping willow grove. (A beautiful place for round tables dressed in white linens.) I weeded, pruned, and raked the perennial garden. It blooms in soft whites, pinks, and lavender. Joe tested the lawn sprinklers. Early morning the little sprinkler heads pop up and hiss liquid across partly brown blades to turn them green.

These are chores normally done in May, undoubtedly this time for a specific date. For a special couple.

Funny how we work faster and harder when company is coming.

In my household, Joe knows guests are coming when I’ve combed the area rug’s fringe, straight and even. He knows to get out of my way when I rush around the house, a crazed woman. Hide dirty pans in the oven for instance, because someone called to say he or she would arrive in five minutes. Wearing a bra is a for-sure sign that company is on their way. If an unexpected car trails up the driveway, there’s no time for a hair or face makeover. Just get the darn bra on. When my sister comes on one of her rare (and I mean RARE) visits, for days I tidy the grounds and gleam every nook and cranny in the house.

By now, you’ve probably sized me up pretty good so I won’t go into what all this says about me. Whatever vain character lies beneath the surface, I do love to create an intimate setting in the garden for guests. It makes them feel special. Beforehand, I will fuss so much I’m exhausted afterwards. At the end of the day, the sparkle in their eyes makes it worthwhile. Big smiles, memorable moments with nature tucked into their hearts. The goal for any outdoor gathering.

I think it’s time for a party.

Come on over folks.

The grounds are manicured.

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