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In My Backyard

June 14, 2010

Written by nine-year-old Julia Andre

Three weeks ago, after school, I was playing outside. I felt like getting away from everyone and being alone. I looked around my backyard for someplace secluded. Finally, I found a corner spot. I went over to see if it was what I needed. The spot was under two Photinia trees with branches that overlapped each other. The only thing I needed was a seat and a shelf.

The seat is for reading, eating enchilada soup, or maybe even writing. I made my seat out of a short, round log the diameter of a Frisbee. I put a piece of plywood on the top to make it easier to sit.

The shelf is for things I want to keep in my spot. I made the shelf by putting a long, narrow piece of wood between one of the trees and the fence. The shelf is low so I can easily reach my jar of peanuts.

I call this spot “my house”. “My house” has everything I might need. I have food, a shelf, a seat, and books. I am all alone, except when my two annoying little brothers start bothering me.

I guess some things in life we have no control over.

Copyright © 2010 Julia Andre

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