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County Fair

June 18, 2010

Yesterday, I went to the county fair to see if I had won any ribbons for amateur photography. This is my third year competing. (Fair ribbons make me feel like a kid again.) The mushroom photo, below, that I cherished like a proud Mama, took first! My remaining photos followed with a second and honorable mentions. Two friends (Georgia Owens and Kathi Morrison) placed as well. They are pros who create beautiful, inspiring art, and go home with top awards every year.

Winning is fun. Confidence swells and you think that perhaps you can do better next time. To be ready for fair entry deadlines, I need to start preparing mid-May, when spring gardening is still at its fullest. Torn between gardening and writing, I get overwhelmed with the amount of work and energy both require. Extra activities, like fair entries, are squeezed somewhere between. I fall behind on household chores, and begin to question, “Why am I doing all this?” This year I wasn’t going to compete. Then, at the last minute, a change of heart set in.

I’m glad it did. The entries of other participates fascinate me. There are so many talented individuals, rightful winners, whose crafts deliver inspiration to others. Heck, even your own winnings validate your time and effort. Best of all, you feel like a school kid again. As least I do. Copyright © 2010 Dianne Marie Andre

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