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Summer Dinner

July 20, 2010

Homegrown produce, fresh off the vine, brings magic to the dinner table. Authentic flavors and aromatic scents heighten engaging conversations in ways store-bought food can’t. Serving a meal grown with your own hands is one of the best symbols of hospitality. Recently one of my readers treated friends to such an occasion. Below, with Betty Lee’s permission, I’m happy to share the special event. Here’s what Betty wrote.

“We had our first long-bean dinner last Friday, greeted with great anticipation. Our fresh garden vegetable dinner included baby bok choy, Japanese cucumbers, Mortgage Lifter and Celebrity tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, bell pepper, and cilantro to complement the crab, pork spareribs, chicken, and won ton soup. Afterwards, my guests went outside to see my 2010-prize bean. It was 32 ½” long, and still growing. I am keeping this one for seed. 

The guests went home with some tomatoes, eggplants, and a variety of basil.”




Photos courtesy of Betty Lee. 

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