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A Tea Luncheon in the Country

July 30, 2010

Earlier this week, a friend invited me to her country home for a tea luncheon—just the two of us. A well-organized woman, every thing was ready when I arrived. We sat in her quaint kitchen of beautiful antiques.

It was easy to see how much forethought went into preparing lunch, even for one guest:  what to make, what ingredients to load up on at the supermarket, scheduling prep and cleanup time, and all the other fussing we do to make guests feel comfortable. 

The shopping, the cooking, and the cleaning are familiar tasks, most done daily in simple terms. As a hostess, we don’t always think about these simple tasks (driving to the store, peeling, chopping, tasting) and the impressive measure they bring to the table through savory flavors and visual presentation. However, the guest does—every step every rhythm—and it makes her (or him) feel downright grand. 

After consuming a second helping of tea sandwiches, and fresh summer salads (so yummy I couldn’t control myself), we took a stroll through her well-loved garden, and then chatted under a beautiful covered patio. 

There’s something reassuring and satisfying about those who share, who take the time to make you feel celebrated.

Thank you, friend, for the delicious meal, the garden stroll, friendly conversation, and more. It made my ordinary week exceptional.


My Friend’s side yard.

A beautiful place to stroll.



Note:  Monday, look for August gardening tasks.

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