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Country Getaway

August 3, 2010

All but one hog was snoozing. He was busy licking the feed bowl, but took a moment to snort at my camera lens. There were about 50 other hogs, two per pen, none of them interested in eating. I don’t blame the sleeping hogs, as they will soon be in someone’s freezer. This is a harsh reality for the 4-H boys or girls who raise them to show and sale at their local fair. In the case of these hogs, they were at the Amador County Fair that I attended last weekend. 

The Amador County Fair is a small rural event. It has a western stage town where you can shop for souvenirs. On hand are pioneer blacksmith, weavers, campfire demos, and reenacted shootouts. The fair featured the usual carnival rides, food, exhibits, tractors, art competitions, and lucky for me, a garden area with a pond. Even the grounds had a huge display of flowers . . . beautiful, multi-colored zinnias. I loved it!


This was a mini vacation for me. I stayed for two nights and three days. When I wasn’t at the fair, I scoured thrift shops and antique stores. Early mornings and evenings after dinner I worked on “the project.” My room had a small round table and two chairs. I pulled the table and one chair in front of the window, pushed up the window, and worked with fresh air on my face and a pleasant view to gaze at for inspiration.

 While shopping, I purchased two antique floral frogs, something I’ve always wanted to collect, but they are oftentimes pricey. When I got home, my husband handed me a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. Delighted by the sweet gesture and the immediate opportunity to use one of my frogs, I figured this was an omen. A sign of the small area I want to grow cut flowers. Maybe next spring this will come about, and along with it more frogs, and kind man to bring fresh bouquets from my own cutting garden. 

Note:  Check out the adorable photo on my Facebook page of two sleeping hogs spooning! They’re really cute. (Once you log into Facebook type “In and Around the Garden” in the search box.)

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